Daveed Ramsay talks transitioning from blockbuster movies to music as he releases new project


With credentials such as starring in Get Rich or Die Tryin alongside Hip Hop mogul 50 Cent and Powerade commercials where he teamed up with Lebron James to his latest role in a new film by the name of Chase Street Brooklyn native and Camden resident Daveed Ramsay knows firsthand what the payoff of success can be. That very same feeling is one of the motivations for his current push of new material and his overall branding as a rising artist in Hip Hop today. On the eve of his Hi My Name is Daveed Ramsay release, we sat down to talk about his resume and ambitions moving forward. Check out the exclusive below:

iGrind: How were you influenced to go the route of acting – we hear of lot of stories of parents’ impact on child stars and managing careers but we also hear a lot of the disappointments in terms of where are they now. Tell us your back story?

Daveed Ramsay: Basically it was something my mom picked up on at an early age and thought it would be a good idea. When she pointed me in that direction I was about 9 years old. I started out doing “Off Broadway” plays and getting familiar with the theatrical side of things. By 14 I got my first big role which was of course for Get Rich or Die Tryin. My mom had sent my head shots in to Abrams artist agency and it landed on Bonnie’s desk whom was the head of the children’s department at the agency. She had me come in, and the rest is pretty much history.

iGrind: Camden is notoriously known for poverty, crime, drugs and more. You are a native of Brooklyn. Can you touch on the differences as well as the similarities in those two environments?

Daveed Ramsay: It’s pretty much the same honestly. The only difference is Camden is extremely small. With that being said the crime rate may be a bit higher at times. I know a lot of times that is the focus but for us that live here, at the end of the day it’s a beautiful place; with a city full of talented musicians and other individuals in all different areas.

iGrind: How is the Camden Hip Hop scene?

Daveed Ramsay: It’s pretty dope man. There are a few artists that are really doing their thing and putting on for the city on a regular basis. It’s a very competitive place. My personal opinion is there is not enough room for everybody to eat. I think once more artist’s figure that out then things will run a bit smoother.

iGrind: We hear more about Philly than Camden when it comes to success stories. Is there a healthy competition between the two cities? Do you find that Camden is overlooked?

Daveed Ramsay: There is definitely a healthy competition when it comes to that. I wouldn’t really say that Camden is over looked because we have artist like Mir Fontane and Kenif Muse leading the charge for the city. Also shout out to the homie Funch the Camden kid and Poppy O just to name a few.

iGrind: How would you describe your artistry as an MC?

Daveed Ramsay: I keep my music as authentic as possible. Everything you hear from me is my life story. Something I’ve experienced and depending on the mood you might get a different sound from me. I am very versatile and I enjoy making great music in an era that lacks timeless music.

iGrind: Earliest memory of your love for Hip Hop?

Daveed Ramsay: Would have to be when I was 12 and my mom brought me 5 albums for my birthday. I told her I wanted to do music and she got me Get Rich or Die Tryin, Reasonable Doubt, Ready to Die, Illmatic and All Eyes on Me. After that I wrote music every single day.

iGrind: How has the embrace or reception been during your transition from big screen to recording booth?

Daveed Ramsay: It has not been that bad. In my heart I feel like I’ve always been doing both at pretty much the same time. Some people know me for my music and some know me for my acting. I love the people who know me for both (smirks.) I’m just trying to spread love and give people who already counted themselves out some hope.

iGrind: Your single, Life Goes On is doing pretty well; talk to us about some of the shows and other promotional things you have been doing?
I dropped that song in November of last year. I’ve been to Cali as well as New York to do shows and promote. It is the second single off of my EP which will be releasing tomorrow which I am excited about.

iGrind: Hi My name is Daveed Ramsay is the EP; what can we expect?

You can expect to get to know me if you don’t already. If you do, get more familiar. This is a project that I’ve been working on for the past year and I picked the best songs out of 30. I’ll be dropping my next full length album in January. In the meantime I’m filming my new TV show Chase Street. I wanted to give the people some dope music for the summer to ride to.



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