Kanye West Exposes Jay-Z Live On Stage (Video)

Kanye West And Jay-z
Kanye West And Jay-Z At Tidal Event

During the Seattle stop of Kanye West’s “The Saint Pablo Tour,” the G.O.O.D. Music boss had a lot to get off of his chest.

West, who has an exclusive deal with Tidal, expressed frustration about not being album to appear on Drake’s song “Pop Style” because of the Toronto rapper’s deal with Apple Music and beef with Meek Mill.

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Drake sent the song to West for a verse. Jay Z decided to also hop on the track, which Drizzy thought was a great idea, but then Hov started having second thoughts because Meek Mill is managed by Roc Nation.

“Jay thought about it and out of respect for Meek Mill he didn’t wanna be on the track,” West told the audience. “And I said, ‘Look, I’ll call Drake. I’ll call Meek. We gotta squash (the beef). We gotta let people have this song.’ But then it went out of that category. It went into some Tidal … some political sh*t. Some sh*t about percentages on songs. I can’t take this sh*t, bruh!

“And let me tell y’all something. There will never be a Watch the Throne 2. You know why? Because that’s the reason why i wasn’t on the song,” he continued. “I wasn’t on the song because of Hov. Because of some Tidal/Apple bullsh*t.”



West went on to talk about getting a call from Jay after his wife, Kim Kardashian, was recently robbed in Paris.

“He called me after the robbery to say ‘How you feeling?’ West said. “You wanna know how I’m feeling? Come by the house. Bring the kids by the house. Like we brothers, and sit down.”


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