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Always looking to push the culture forward and provide a platform for hardworking individuals, iGrind has taken the time to highlight our next artist Maverick Da Roninn. Comfortable in his own lane, the young brother continues to pursue his passion and goals in a positive manner. Looking to grow with each opportunity, we have watched his maturation over the years and sat down with him to talk about his new project and forthcoming moves. Check it out:



iGrind: Maverick, whats up man. Want to welcome you back to the iGrind platform. Lets get the people reacquainted with you. Where are you from and what do you do ?

Maverick Da Roninn: I’m originally from Brooklyn, NY but I live in Bethlehem PA and I rap about my interest which includes comic books, anime, and life in general.

iGrind: Ok one time for those who may not know, what is the significance behind your name ?

Maverick da Roninn: (pause) To be a maverick is to follow ya own path, no one else. Ronin is a samurai with out a master or shogun. So add those two together and you’ll get me;  a lyrical samurai who doesn’t  follow others. I go by the beat of my own drum. To add, Maverick is a marvel comics character from X-Men and  Ronin is also a character from Marvel comics as well.

iGrind: You have been putting on pushing the envelope of Hip Hop in your hometown and surrounding areas; you have dabbled in coordinating showcasing events recently correct ? how has that faired ?

Maverick Da Roninn: It has faired really well in my opinion. I’ve gotten to connect local artists like Atowm Slim, Devin Hailey, ABE Sound, Blind Richi, Gaws Gang and members from my crew Syndicate Music Group Red Eye & Muggzey da King.

iGrind: What was the ultimate motivation to move into that lane ?

Maverick Da Roninn: Honestly its my family and friends. A lot of them are very talented in different avenues whether its rapping, making beats or taking pictures. So I put it on me to get to a place where they can live off their passion and talent . I do it for them cuz they ride for me

iGrind: You have dropped your new mixtape, Libra Complex; how’d you come up wit the name ?

Maverick Da Roninn: Funny thing is my bro and member of the Syndicate “Johnny Five” made the idea out of a joke. We were speaking on our Zodiac Signs. Once he said “Libra’s always have complex” I said “Libra Complex thats the name of my next tape. Now it has turned into the best tape I’ve made so far

iGrind: Who are some of the artists featured on there ?

Maverick Da Roninn: My bro and leader of Home Gang Devin Hailey, Leader of BakPakRap Blind Richi, fellow OtakuGang Member A.O. Lyrical, the Lyrical Swordsmith Rhyme Artist, members of my team Syndicate (Dar-Ken, War-Chri, Johnny Five, & Muggzey da King), SolarFlare who also mixed the majority of the mixtape, Kryciz Uchiha of DaDojo and the lengendary Lyricist Mickey Factz.

iGrind: How’d you hook up with Mickey Factz for this project and why ?
Maverick Da Roninn: At first I hit him up on twitter to play him in street fighter but he didnt have a ps4. I asked if I could cop a feature and we talk business; the rest was history.

iGrind: How have you grown from previous tapes to this one ?

Maverick Da Roninn: Lyrically. I went all out as to where there is literally songs for anyone who has a preference. I was more calculated when it came to mixing the tape as well to ensure the quality.

iGrind: Have you been performing any of the records recently aside from the shows that you put on ?

Maverick Da Roninn: I preview DeadLines and the crowd loves what I  have so far. I’ll be performing more as the shows come and we get closer to ending out the 4th quarter. I’ll definitely perform one song when I open for Mac Miller in December.

iGrind: Where is the tape available ?

Maverick Da Roninn: Listen to Libra Complex by Maverick da Roninn|S.M.G.| #np on #SoundCloud You can stream it there and on the tab that says “Libra Complex” it will take u to Datpiff where u can download it or play through the app.

iGrind: Whats next for you as 2016 comes to a close ?

Maverick Da Roninn: I’ m opening up for Mac Miller in Baltimore, that’s the next thing we are focusing on.


Check out Libra Complex which is available now






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