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One of the unique creators on the indie scene in NYC, Prince Hood is a producer, songwriter and brand owner. Currently focusing on the campaign for his new music, and eventual project release we caught up with him in his hometown, Brooklyn, NYC for a look into the origins of his often used but never comparable vocabulary, and more. Check it out below:



iGrind: Would like to start off this interview with your first hand explanation of the term “Swave.”

Prince Hood: Swave is short for Swavor, a combination of Swagger and Flavor. It’s a term me and Hi$tory came up with in 2010. When Biggavel had “wavy” and everybody and they momma were using “swag”, we wanted to set ourselves apart.  That Swave is that which resonates from within. It could be a noun, verb, adjective, whatever. And the Swavorcabulary has expanded since 2010. We spread the swave everywhere we go. It’s infectious. Look how many people use the term now.  Look how many people rep Swave Gang. From Canada to Atlanta to Cali they using Swave. It’s even in the Urban Dictionary online.  That’s That Swave.

iGrind: And Swavorland Entertainment was a part of expanding the term or brand rather, tell us about the other individuals involved in or contributing to the umbrella

Prince Hood: You got me and my partner, Hi$tory Inda Makin’, as the founders and heads of the company. We have our artist, Punch Loc and Briel Giovanni, comedian/writer Swave G Hookah.  Hookah sparked our Swavelife Series on YouTube. Punch has a successful mixtape out called ‘The Hood Strikes Back’ and Briel is working on a few projects with me and Hi$tory. He’s versatile. A poet that can sing and got bars. You know, the Tiller, Drake type. Outside of the artists, my sister VMac and the swave, Ca$h Mugga manage day-to-day and admin work. Those two are crucial to our operation. True Swave. We just came to an agreement with Brooklyn Black to collaborate on a few things.  We also just legally, officially signed H Squared to Swavorland. I’m excited for what’s to come.

iGrind: Speaking of the award winning duo, H Squared. Can we expect any more music from you guys or is solo the direction you are going in?

Prince Hood: The solo route is where we’re at right now. Trust me. Hi$tory and I are still recording together, still recording H Squared tracks and we still perform together, producing  and recording other artists. We are the dopest duo. We kill stages every time we are on it. After MixtapeISH , we already have our H Squared project ready.  We aiming for the spring, maybe 1st quarter.

iGrind: What was the inspiration originally to test waters as a solo artist ?

Prince Hood: We always said Hi$tory would be the “Rapper” I am the “Producer” when we formed H Squared. I just wanted to produce artists. We’re like Rakim and Eric B, Epmd, P and Hav, Bun B and Pimp C, or Timbaland and Magoo. You get the drift. We had it planned.  After  ‘The Introduction Of…’, we would put out another H Squared  project and then hit them in the head with a solo Hi$tory Tape. I’d be just making the beats. And at the time I just wanted to improve my production and mixing skills. But Hi$tory got into some business ventures that took him away from music for a while.  So I saw it as, “I gotta pick up the torch or the baton or whatever and keep it moving.” I was motivated by a number or things. I wanted to get Swavorland Entertainment known as an Indie force and H Squared buzzin again. Didn’t want our fans giving up on us.  I surprised myself and my team with what I’ve accomplished so far. They have more reason to believe in me as leader and an artist. I’m very proud of this project. Production, sound quality, versatility, and bars are all there. I’m giving the world a Mixtape, Ep and LP all in one. Hence why I call it MixtapeISH.


iGrind: So the last time we spoke I mentioned a comparison to Bun B, and yes he is a legend and all but I have had conversations where the flow comparison was definitely mentioned. Is that still unsettling ?

Prince Hood: I wouldn’t say unsettling. It was the first comparison to Bun I’ve heard. I took it as a compliment. Bun B got the cadence, lyrics and demeanor that make people listen. I’ve heard I sound like Meth or the best to ever do it, Biggie. I definitely appreciate Bun and UGK’s resume. Pimp C was one of my inspirations as a young beatsmith, swave. Me, being part of H Squared, a Rap Duo, it makes sense.  If I could do half of what bun did in his career with mine, I’d consider it a success.

iGrind: Offline you put me on to a new energy drink, what’s the name and the business behind that?

Prince Hood: Yeah. It’s called Club Mate. A German energy drink with less sugar and calories than Monster and Red Bull. Globally, it’s massive swave. This is in every European club. They turn up off this shit. But I’m testing it out. One of their US execs is a fan of our music.  He approached me with an opportunity and I’m just trying to gauge the situation and make sure it works for both parties.

iGrind: You have recently dropped 2 new records, Sent Up, and Swave On It. Talk about the concept and the feedback:

Prince Hood: Swave  On It is the latest single produced by Jahlil Beats. Features my swave Hi$tory and the swave Bajan Sparrow. This was the first time I ventured out for beats from producers other than my self. And I was given this CD beats. We went through them and heard this one and was like,’I think that’s the one”. Later that week I had a recording session with Buck Madoff and Sparrow came and we played the beats for them. They had the same reaction to the track that we did. Sparrow snuck in the booth, ‘ Yo record me. Lemme just try something.’ I pressed record and the Hook was birthed. We got a lot of respect for Sparrow’s ideas. He definitely “debo’d” his way on the track. We love how it came out and was saving it for another project. But its compliments the rest of the songs on MixtapeISH.


Check out Swave On It




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