R Kelly to Use Royalties to Pay Child Support Arrears


R. Kelly was ordered to pay child support arrears with the money earned from his music catalog.

The judge ordered the ‘When a Woman’s Fed up’ crooner to use entities such as BMI and Sony to pay $20,833 monthly to ex, Drea Kelly.

Drea has been trying to get Kelly to pay for some time. Kelly was so far behind at one point that he went to jail. He settled that bill, but fell behind again. 

According to court records [obtained by TMZ], Kelly has requested leniency. But, the judge insists the bills must be covered by his royalties.

Kelly has had difficulty scraping together bail money, child support, as well as a retainer for his defense attorney, Tom Mesereau – whom he was unable to hire, ultimately. 

Kelly is currently being held in a Chicago federal jail, while he awaits trial on various federal and state charges.

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