RahThebroker Interview by Jason Bourne

With the impending Scholar Komittee edition of Military Grind Concert Series looming April 19th, we sat down with headliner Rah The Broker leading up to the big night for an exclusive interview.
​JB: With this being your 2nd go around on the Military Grind Concert Series circuit, how do you feel you have grown as an artist since the previous showing ?
Rah The Broker: I feel like I’ve become more of a business man and more patient with the process of my growth. To be all the way honest, I have to tell you that none of this has been easy because I feel like there are a lot of people who still sleep on me.
JB: Over time we have seen a misinterpretation of what “headliner” means. You however have been able to capitalize off of being able to fit the bill. Talk to us about the gratitude that you have for the support that your peers have shown ?
Rah The Broker: I deeply appreciate it but like all business sometimes it’s best if people don’t know who they’re paying because people support less when they attach other emotions to things.
JB: Scholar kommitte the brand – can you break down the meaning and the birth of the movement ?
Rah The Broker: Scholar Kammitti is a business owned by me and my mother. It was created by my family and it represents a group of smart individuals working towards a common goal.
JB: You have displayed an impeccable work ethic since breaking on the scene – talk to us about the planning that goes into a comprehensive approach to marketing and promoting yourself ?
Rah The Broker: I’m competitive so I grind like it’s me against the world and I put my money into myself.
JB: Any particular project that the public should be in tuned with from you at this time ?
Rah The Broker: GKB Tape , GKB 2.5 the album and mixtape. As well I have another project titled “Chip on my Shoulder”. As far as forthcoming, The Flood Ep is on the way soon.

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