Ron G talks St Louis Hip Hop and new video “Braggin Rights” with #ThePlug

St. Louis Hip Hop artist Ron G and his partner in crime Tank The Machine are back with the visual for their high energy track Braggin Rights. Directed by Morless Media, Braggin Rights brings the entire city out as Ron G and Tank The Machine trade bar for bar and “brag” about their grind towards glory! Intense lyrical content engulfs this record as the young MC’s wear their dreams on their sleeves and fill each scene with good vibes and high spirits. The Gateway to the West shines bright in this video, highlighting St. Louis lyrical flair like never before.  We sat down after the release of the visual to talk Bragging Rights, St Louis Hip Hop and more with Ron G. Check out the exclusive below:

iGrind: Talk to us about the Hip Hop scene in St Louis and where you fit in ?

Ron G: The hip hop scene in St Louis is growing. There’s a great mix of talent and a little bit of everything musically. All genres, from the trap rap to the lyrical rap,  soul,  R&B, conscious music, and even gospel rap. It’s like gumbo man we got it all. And as for me, I fit inside the outside of the box. Meaning I can take my music many places because I’m so eclectic,  so you can really put me anywhere in there.

iGrind: Who are some of the influential people on the scene in St Louis, I feel like we have only been introduced to certain acts but I am sure the pulse is way more comprehensive?

Ron G:Man really I’ve been influenced heavily by my team. Tank The Machine and my engineer Nyne2Fyve have helped hone my skill set and become a better artist studying them. Other acts on the scene in influenced by are ones of the likes of Rockwell Knuckles. Dude is phenomenal. Many others I like but I look at them like lunch. I love them but they are competition respectively. I’m most influenced by my upbringing though and my surroundings.

iGrind: You have a new song and video out correct, Braggin Rights, what is the concept behind the track ?

Ron G:The concept behind that track was a really simple one. I was fresh off a trip from ATL and I was feeling good. The energy was high because I just witnessed a epic two nights in ATL. Plus me and Tank had surveyed the city for a while and I was inspired by that.  So I got in the studio and all I was thinking about was my accomplishments thus far. In my mind, “I’m like damn I ain’t where I wanna be but I can brag a little bit now cuz in doing more. and I’ve gotten a taste of the out of town experience. Even with my accomplishments from SXSW.” All my accomplishments I could think of at that moment I just put in the song.

iGrind: You hooked up with Tank The Machine on this one. You two collaborate often, talk about the chemistry in that dynamic and how it was built ?

Ron G: Me and Tank The Machine have been collaborating for a minute now. As I said earlier he’s an influence on me, so in that track I couldn’t necessarily find the perfect hook for it and I heard him in the studio mumbling a hook and I told him jump on it. I added the second half and there you have it. The energy was so crazy in the studio that day the whole track just turned out so LIVE.

iGrind:  I would be remiss if I didn’t talk about how turned yall was in the video. take us back to that day and your POV on it all coming together?

Ron G: Well my initial idea for the video was to do a short scene at the barber shop, performing it inside and out. But in some magical impromptu way,  Tank hit me up and said bro it’s these guys that wanna bring some nice cars out to the shoot. So I said I’m with it and I called people out to the shoot and we made it a movie. We literally stopped traffic cause the dudes were doing donuts in the street. I thought somebody was going to jail that day (laughs).

 iGrind: The lyrics were very descriptive. I am a fan of ATL myself, do you visit often ?

Ron G: I’ve been three times there and every time I got the same feeling. The energy there is beautiful to me. I hate traffic but I’ll do it in ATL though. It’s the city of black excellence as I like to call it. Everybody seems so prosperous.

iGrind: I see at the end you did an homage to King D, talk about King D his legacy and what he has meant to you personally.

Ron G: Man King D Seals was the big brother I never had. He was filled with so much passion and was spear-headed in his strong opinions. So much so that we’d clash often because we both are passionate on the things we believe and the way we go about things. I think that was that Taurus in us but I carry that dude in my heart everyday because he used to tell me all the time,  bro make them respect you. And now I feel like that’s happening. It’s a shame the world won’t get to see him fully blossom. He died a LEGEND.

iGrind: What can we expect from you going forward to close out 2016 ?

Ron G; I’m dropping my third solo project titled The Ron G Code 2. I got some heavy tracks on there and that’ll lead me into next year where I’ll be releasing my first album ever. So if you allow me to bless your ears maybe you’ll become a fan and a witness.
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